Sunday, May 17, 2009

Waiting for my Easytones is not an easy thing to do.

Nooooo!!! You can't make meeeeeeeee... write my paper. -_-

I have yet another paper to poop out (as Sharon puts it, haha). This is getting to be super draining. It's hot to boot. Which makes me want to run and frolic outside, which I already did today! :)

Today was our annual Outdoor Service at church. Whheeee! The weather was gorgeous!! <3

Prayer requests:
Deda and Mario's health
Unni's wedding (bachelorette weekend)
Moving out/Moving in logistics
Sharon's grad school decision
San Leandro Hospital
job hunt

So many things on my mind lately, I feel bogged down, physically and mentally. Unfortunately, I was born with the odd superpower of NOT being able to take a nap. I've taken around 3 or 4 in my lifetime, and they range from 2 minutes to 5 hours. (Just some interesting stats for you...)

La dee dee dee!! My goal for summer is to lose 5 more pounds, I am so close to my goal!! :D And it's not to be freaky deaky skinny, it's for health. I want to just feel light and dance-y fresh anytime, all the time! :)

I just bought new Reebok Easytone shoes. I AM SO EXCITED. I actually saved up to buy them, so I am impatiently waiting for them. Eeek!

When I get them I will definitely write a review on them. These shoes are special, because they are built in a way that while you walk around you are working out specific muscles and getting toned. I mean, I walk EVERYWHERE, so I might as well get definition in my tushie and legs while I do it. I cannnot waiiiittt!! (But, obviously I can wait, since I'm waiting right now. And now. And now...)

I am looking forward to this summer. I want to move back home. I want to just chill and relax. And I want to start a new chapter of my life... my career! Yessss.... I know God is waiting to put me in touch with my true calling, and I am eager to find out what it is! :)

Please pray that I can stay calm and patient as He gets it all ready!!

Okily dokily, time to TRY and extend this paper another page. (WHEW)

Gros bisous,


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