Saturday, May 17, 2008

I found a little time to update...

Bonjour, tout le monde! I got into Marseille (a port-city in the southeast of France) today, and the weather was threatening storms so I did a quick tour of the town and then came back to update! :)

I am going to update by giving a synopsis of the best ways God blessed me on this trip... with the great friends I made!!

It started with Danielle and Afije, who came with me to London!

(taking a break at Regent's Park)

Justine!! My random roomie at the hostel! Super sweet, pretty and French!! Yahoo!! :)

My random roomie at the hostel in Salzburg, Mi-Seong-sshi! A super cool Korean lady who was traveling to research places for her job! :) Fighting!

Yosuke! An English teacher in Tokyo that I met at breakfast. We went hiking up to the fortress in Szg after buying yummy chocolate at the outdoor market :)

Two more random roomies in Szg (a lot of ppl came and went), 2 Chinese girls, Wei and Yuchie, studying BioChem... in France!! It was fun speaking in French with them!

I was walking by the Blue Danube in Vienna and I asked this lovely woman to take my picture... she ended up taking me to coffee afterwards! She didn't speak a word of English, but we somehow communicated. Ich liebe dich, Frau! <3

Torsten and Pia from Denmark that I met at the hostel in Berlin :D Pia and I were the only people who actually woke up in the morning hours for breakfast and I thought it was way awkward if we didn't sit together! She is super duper sweet!

Kristin and me in front of the UN in Geneva! I had such a blast with this chick... eating... chocolate, cheese and bread... and FLORALP. hahah

I also met some more people on the way to Marseille from Geneva. I met another Justine who works in Geneva but is originally from Lille. She works with children and it's fitting because she is so nice!! Then I met a very very very cute grandmother who lives in Marseille. We needed to make the same train transfer and we sat and talked together for most of the journeys. She used to be a dancer, latin-style! She liked talking about her time at the school of dance in Buenos Aires. I never asked for her name. <3

I've spent time and met so many great people in my travels, I really thank God for showing His love through them. I hope I did a little of the same for them.

More updates later!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Hi hi! This is where I'll be if you want to pinpoint it on a globe or something:

5/2-5/5: London
5/6-5/8: Salzburg
5/9-5/10: Vienna
5/11-5/13: Berlin
5/14-5/16: Geneva
5/17-5/19: Marseille
5/20: Bordeaux
5/21-5/25: Dordogne
5/26-6/2: Paris

Please pray for me! I'm doing some of this tour alone!!

Yea, this post is kind of pointless, but I'm going to excuse myself in advance for not being contact-able! <3