Thursday, May 1, 2008


Hi hi! This is where I'll be if you want to pinpoint it on a globe or something:

5/2-5/5: London
5/6-5/8: Salzburg
5/9-5/10: Vienna
5/11-5/13: Berlin
5/14-5/16: Geneva
5/17-5/19: Marseille
5/20: Bordeaux
5/21-5/25: Dordogne
5/26-6/2: Paris

Please pray for me! I'm doing some of this tour alone!!

Yea, this post is kind of pointless, but I'm going to excuse myself in advance for not being contact-able! <3

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k e i k a said...

Jin-boo! Thanks for posting this! I wanted to know where you were going and wow! You are going all over the place! Be safe and see you in Paris.