Sunday, April 27, 2008

Le debut de la fin (The beginning of the end)

Alors, c'est deja le temps de dire au revoir.

Dernierement, je trainais bcp avec mes amis, en faisant rien! haha Voila quelques photos:

Thursday night was the beginning of so much fun! I took my last final (3 hours of writing about phonology... ahh!) and then that night Eric, Dominique, Urko, Daniel and I went to a pub for karaoke night! :)

Les adultes (minus Daniel)

Eric secretly signed Urko up to sing a song together! haha "Mexiiiiiiiiiiiiico!"

Look at all the people! One big happy group!

getting ready for my debut! haha

Eric sang "Toulouse" and made the whole house cry b/c it was so beautiful :')

Me and my non-alcoholic beverage. Diabolo a la pomegranate. Mmmmm! (Thanks, Urko!)

Highlight of the evening!!!!!!!!!! Dominique and Eric... PAROLES!! All the practice definitely paid off! :)

Then on Friday, I took Katie to my favorite kebab place!

You can see Renoan in the mirror, lol.

Renoan and me! He is one of the nicest owners/kebab makers! (And one of the BEST!)

Then I met up with Narcine to go shopping... aka go into EVERY SINGLE shop on la rue St. Catherine!! hahah

I think I'll buy a hat like that when I get back to the States, what do you think?

Friday night... billiards tournament!! Haha

We each picked a sponsor. I don't own much brand clothing, so I stuck a plastic bag to my shirt. I am sponsored by the biggest book store in France... MOLLAT! Whoooo!

The trophy!!! :D (Not the actual prize)

Tom is only 7, but he is GOOD! And isn't he so cute??? :D

Results: Eric, Max, Tom, and me! HHA I didn't think I would, since I am a newbie, but Dylan lost because he kept pocketing the eight ball. HAHAHA

Next day, I started off the day at St Michel market! This time with Katie!

THE FIRST TIME I WORE SANDALS! AHHH!!! My toes felt so... freeeeeeee~!

Cathedral of St Michel. I love the ribbons.... <3

Thennnn I met up with Morgane (who does not like photos, so I didn't post any more pics of her)

Tea house! It was a nice little bar for tea and coffee! We stood and talked and watched over Cami, who works there, and who was having her ear talked off by a woman who was bored/lonely/liked complaining. The woman stayed there for 2.5 HOURS! AHH!! Cami, kudos to you! fyi, I had the Venitien (vanilla, with berries, mmmmmm)

random street concert

it was super duper hot so Morgane and I went to the "miroir d'eau" (mirror of water). For the first time I could walk in it barefoot!

the misting means that it's about to start up again!! (It's a nice place to just walk in the water. There were so many cute little kids!!!)

Morgane and I got soaked playing with the little kids, so we laid in the grass to dry off. :) Listening to drums, guitar, and people watching. It was great. See for yourself!

Then off to dinner! We went to my fave Ethiopian place, but it was reserved for a private celebration, but the owner walked us to an Indian resto, and BOY DID WE EAT. I am still full.

And now... I am waiting for my laundry to finish so I can go to church. :P (Just as funny as excuse as staying home from church to study, right?)

Until the next time!! And tonight is the finals of the billiards competition, so stay tuned!!! :D

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