Tuesday, April 28, 2009

SENIORITIS at its finest!

Okkkk!! So I have three papers due next week and I spent the night reading for an assignment due in a couple weeks. Hahaha :P

Then, I took a facebook quiz on which Super Junior member is my bf/hubby...

I got Si Won, of course! hahahaha

Ok, I should really start getting to work. Now. Right... now. Or soon.

Yahhh!! How about an update on life?

I've fallen into a state of sadness, no, not depression, sadness. What am I going to do next year? I have no idea. I'm so scared. I feel so uncertain-- and I hate it.
The only thing keeping me up and going is faith that everything will fall into place. Psalm 121!! God won't let my feet slip and He is constantly watching over me-- so what have I to fear? Nothing! Right? Then why do I care so much? Sigh

I am definitely looking forward to moving back to NorCal, no more smoggy days and awful traffic. But also, no more UCLA, scenery, fun nightlife, chill hangouts with friends... no more college. ;_; I'm having a crisis... what do I want? What do I have to look forward to?

Well, I am also looking forward to spending this summer with family. Helping my beautiful sister with her wedding. Hanging out with my parents and grandma. I'm also excited about getting integrated into a church that is nearby! As much as I LOVE LHCC, it's so far, it was really a challenge getting involved, and also the fact that I am car-less REALLLLLY didn't help.

Hm... it feels good to write all this out. I'm not sure if anyone reads this either, so I'll just let loose! haha

I have to write a paper, but the professor puts on so many restrictions and things we have to include, that it doesn't feel like a paper. I feel like I just add random junk so that I can check mark it off. Like "causal phrase... check... okay, now add in a comparative clause... check..." Ugh! No creativity! How boring! I don't even want to start the oppression.

My other paper is just going to be long, but it is do-able. (It's comparing 2 Afro-francophone poems... one of them is my favorite we studied in class! Yes!)

The other paper is a 2-3 page paper on basically any reading we covered in class. I'm also taking the class Pass/No Pass... so not too much pressure there. But there is no incentive! Augh! Also, the professor is one of those let-me-ask-for-your-opinion-and-then-not-really-care-about-it professors. I'm not sure what to write. I just feel kinda stuck, you know?

Waiting in response for job applications/offers is really stressing me out, too. All in due time, though!! I believe it!!!

God, please continue to bless my family and friends... and help me to keep faith, Lord. I need You more than ever! <+3

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last quarter...

Hi hi!! I cannot believe I am going to be graduating in T-minus 6 weeks! O_O

Lots of changes have been going on recently, and the only reason I can cope is those moments when I get a grip and pray. I quit my part-time job, so I will : 1) have more free time!!, 2) have less money, 3) be less tired and stressed, 4) sleep a LOT, and 5) wake up earlier and work out more often and be a better student!!! hahah I had to group all of my favorite stuff at the end ;P

Anyways! I had a fantastic weekend with my sister who came to visit LA, but this week at school has been ROUGH. I have so much homework I feel like I'm drowning in it. Plus it's my last week at work, so I'm trying to get as many hours in as possible without dying. I just keep telling myself it's my last week so that I can keep on truckin'... but for real... I am collapsing inside!! Ahh!! So much reading, writing, THINKING.

Ok, so since I'm writing on this blog that must mean that I am not doing homework! Alrighty, I will go back to hwwwww.... Yayyyyyyyy.... Waking up extra early for the past couple days to do homework is poopy, but that's what I get for stretching myself too thin with extracurrics and school. Sigh.

Look forward to next week when I am more bubbly and jobless!!! :D