Sunday, June 6, 2010

From Elley to Ronny

Dearest Ronny,

Do you remember about a month ago (May 3 to be exact), we had a gtalk convo about how you had to go through spring quarter by yourself this year? Then you wrote:

"it's this weather... bringing back lazy memories"

and I said, oh! that makes me want to write a poem?

Well, on the way home from work... I actually wrote that poem! haha But I didn't share it until now... out of sheer forgetfulness! (Mea culpa)


The sun and the smell of spring
Flowers on my desk with a little note
                                                              from you
Staring at the ceiling
Sharing our dreams
We flop onto our beds
Like 2 pieces of toro slapped onto the cutting board
The dust specks look like crystals floating into the light

Spring is here again
The sun and the scent
                                           the same
But our dreams of yesterday have gone away
Another year
More memories

We both feel the languor brought by the rays' warmth
Together and apart
"It's this weather... bringing back lazy memories"


I know that I just off the phone with you, but I really wanted to say how much I really cherish you as a sister in Christ and a confidante. Remember the beginning of last summer when you got mad because I was so tight-lipped? HAHA (Don't deny it... hee hee) Well, you showed me that it's okay to open up and share. And when I do, you always say what I hoped someone would say, and I always walk away feeling loads better. Even just tonight's convo, I felt sane while explaining my wigging out moments to you, and every word you said was just what I needed to hear. Oh, and I get very happy when you can confide in me, too. Tee hee. Especially those funny and embarrassing stories... hhahaha :D

The past year has been pretty hard for me, too many transitions to count. Not to mention that my roomie of 4 years was no longer there every day to hug and bug and pray with. Job hunt, the grad school fiasco, family things, church stresses, but through it all I knew I could talk to you. Thanks for all the times you waited and prayed anxiously with me for news about all the happenings in Nor Cal and for calming me down during those roller coasters. It must have been hard making time for me amidst getting the life forces sucked out of you by the educational leech also known as the UCLA MSW program, but please know I truly appreciated it.

Hopefully you're reading this as a study break... or not... haha Remember, I'm the WORST study buddy ever. Tee hee! I can't stop doing my job just because I graduated, now can I? :)

Okay. This is cheesy, but whatever. I love you so much, my darling Ronny baby bunker boo. I thank God everyday for matching us up freshman year! Yippee yai kai yay!