Thursday, May 7, 2009


That is basically how I would describe how I feel: "ughhhhh". Slept around 5 am thanks to my last midterm of several that is due today! Yayy! I'm done!!! :D

Anyways, last night around 4am to 4:15am until 4:30am I was trying to sleep but I kept hearing planes. I thought, that's odd, we don't live near LAX or anything... it was the sound of helicopters! I'm not sure if there was one or two, but they were hovering around our apartment and their lights were whirling about next door looking for something or someone...

What could it be?

Due to the lack of information on this, here is my blog to chronicle this event that has not gone unnoticed by my insomniac roomie and me! ;)

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