Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day! @-/--

Happy Umma's Day!!

Today at church, a couple that just had twin girls gave their testimony and it was really heart-wrenching. They talked about how hard they tried to have children and that they made themselves vulnerable to God to and to our church, and that was when God was able to reach out and bless them with their children. They also faced a miscarriage. I couldn't believe it since I knew the father of the girls and was always so bright and happy. Thank You, God for blessing them with children. If I know anyone who deserves to have children, it's Ji and Nancy. <3

I was a bit tired today, so sorry if I seemed out of it at church. I couldn't sleep very well last night, and I even found myself sleeping on the mat with the babies during daycare. It's okay, it's safe to leave your babies with me!! ;)

Taking care of babies is HARD work, so you should all REALLY thank your mommas for putting up with you (and your dads too, today and next month!).

Here are some pictures of my momma and me:

Well. That makes me depressed. I just found out that the last time I took a picture WITH my mom was WAY too long ago... ;_; But, until I get home and bombard her with my camera, enjoy the pics of my beauuuutiful mother, who taught my sister and me to be strong women who can do anything! :D Just like herrrrrrrrr!!!

Don't be like me and take some pictures with the lady that loves you most! <3

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