Thursday, February 21, 2008

The waiting continues...

So! The French customs wrote back saying the scans I sent were FUZZY. No laptop until March I guess. Sigh. I am sending photocopies tomorrow. The waiting continues...

BUT! No matter because... I am going to ITALIA maƱana!! Tee hee!!!!! =]

So excited!! Please pray that everything goes well! Tomorrow I take a train to Paris, where I take the plane to Rome! Whew!

Here is a funny story about France which also makes you appreciated America, haha:

I went to the movies last night. The movie was playing in theater 6. So I follow the sign from the lobby to theater 6. It leads me to a staircase. I went running for an hour yesterday, so I was not happy. But up I went, the STEEP stairs. I see the sign for theater 6. Leads to a door that leads... to MORE STAIRS. While cursing the French under my breath I climb the stairs... and I reach... MORE STAIRS. I am not even kidding. I followed 4 signs that indicated theater 6, to 4 different flights of stairs. Fun times.

Side note: the movie was less than stellar. (it was Jumpers, aka Another Movie with No Premise...) I mainly went to hang out with those cool peeps (Narcine & Pierrick!! and I met Olivier & Sophie--?) from the English Club! haha (no worries, I am still speaking in French! yeaa!)

Alrighty! Today I ate a KEBAB. A REAL KEBAB. Not those meat sticks. It's a pita bread with carved meat and veggies and FRIES inside!!! SO GOOD!!!!!!!!! MMMMM!! This was my 2nd one and far better (and cheaper) than the first one I ate! (advice: ask for ketchup as your sauce, white sauce = poo)

Okay! I will miss you all and be thinking of you while I eat gelato on the Spanish steps like Audrey Hepburn!



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