Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I am the computer lab hobo.

Hello my loves!

So! Update on my laptop, haha. They want a copy of my student ID cards, the receipt of the repair that happened in the US, and proof that I live in Bordeaux. SCREW YOU FRENCH CUSTOMS PEOPLE!!! GIMME MY LAPTOP!!!! wahhhhh!!!

In short, I find myself in the usual spot : the computer lab. Someone near me has dowsed his or herself in a very pungent scent. That will definitely help my headache! Haha =P Anyways! I am the computer lab hobo. Please give me money.

Oh yea! I AM GOING TO ITALY ON FRIDAY!!! I am so excited! Thank you soooo much to Unni and Deda for the hook ups!! I am so excited!!! Arrivederci, France!

What else has happened lately? Hmm... I keep waking up in a good mood and it just goes downhill. Why can't I be bubbly anymore?! (I think I just need my good old iTunes.)

I'm reading Tristan and Isolde (in Old French) and it is soooo interesting! I can't make up my mind whether I like it or not. At least it is interesting enough where I feel it's not a chore to read. (I am also reading Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice and the Cid, simultaneously in French. So right now, I think Mr. Darcy is in love with Jane Eyre... right?!)

I am now attempting to be a calm, lady-like woman.

Oh yea, there was a mini-dilemma, because my flight from Rome to Paris comes in after the last train from Paris to Bordeaux, so I need to stay the night in Paris. (I couldn't rearrange my flights, sadly) Yay for friends in Paris! Diana is on vaycay, and Guillaume is in Italy (figures) BUT he found me a friend to stay with! So all is happy happy (grazie, signorino)

Which reminds me, I saw Annie (my old French tutor)! We met up at this super cute café on la Rue Camille Sauvageau! There was a show (a guy who was doing storytelling)! I will just say, it was something unlike anything I have ever seen. Annie was laughing, I think I was snickering. It was about a giant who cuts down trees, and then has babies with a tiny woman, and she has 2 big giant babies, and 1 tiny baby. Then, it was time to leave. So that is all I got for you! Sorry!

Oh, dear!!! The person next to me has a whale wallpaper on her computer!! Why do all the students here choose THAT one?! There are plenty of other wallpapers.... SHUDDER.

Alrighty, this post is uneventful! So I will leave you!!



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