Sunday, March 9, 2008

When in Rome, or Bordeaux...

I am SO out of touch with where I am! So, for you lovely folks in the States it was Daylight Savings! My computer automatically changed one hour ahead... but my host family has been running on the same schedule and no one here said anything about this major clock event! Hmm... I finally inspired myself to google it. Daylight savings for the European Union is the LAST Sunday in March!! HAHAHAH

And I clicked on one of those links that pop up when you sign into AIM because I was taking a quick break from studying (ALL DAY I'VE BEEN READING AHHH), and I found out Heath Ledger passed away last month! I can't believe it! :'(

So yes, those have been my recent revelations.

Back to studying! Haiii yah!

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